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with choreography by Symmer Andrews, Monica Campbell, Ashley Creek, Sara Pickett, Gina Terrell, Alicia Trump, and LAJAMARTIN.
Oct. 12th 6:00 & 8:00pm
Oct. 13th 7:30pm
Leona Wagner Black Box Theater
Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center
138 West 300 South, Salt Lake City, UT


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Repertory Dance Theatre's Link Series presents BRINE: Disembodied We; a dance concert produced by Symmer Andrews, Ashley Creek and Sara Pickett in the Leona Wagner Black Box Theater in the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center on Oct. 12th at 6:00 and 8:00 pm and Oct. 13th at 7:30 pm.


Disembodied We is an evening-length concert featuring work from eight choreographers; Symmer Andrews, Ashley Creek, Sara Pickett, Gina Terrell and Alicia Trump with special guests Monica Campbell and LAJAMARTIN.   


A.D. Part Two: Terra, by Creek is a sequel to her first work made for BRINE in 2015. Borrowing from bits of Ancient Greek theatre and choral-esque movement, the work questions responsibility with a sense of lingering unease and gathering opposition.  Campbell’s Passage investigates the idea of exodus, and the strength necessary to leave everything you know and love behind.  And Trump’s Gaslighting Blatherskites asks, “if our words danced, what would that look like?” Identifying that when we argue, we do not always make sense of what we are saying. Yet, we are persistent to destabilize our target.


Terrell presents Kwashiorkor; a work that looks to highlight the issue of malnutrition in the world and hopes will educate and encourage more people to step up and help. 

On Andrews’ Fragmented, she says, “communities are fragmented, with no pathway to wholeness. Our liberties are disappearing within the chaos, and we are left without a moment to collect and settle ourselves. We are simply pieces of what was, asking ourselves, what now?”  


Pickett’s What breaks us explores how people see and do not see one another’s pain asking what moves someone to a compassionate response or what happens when we all blankly conform?  And LAJAMARTIN’s Lucy (Part 1) investigates the idea of our history as people and imagines what the very first moments of life could have been. 


BRINE was created by Andrews, Creek, and Pickett as a collective to serve dance artists in the Salt Lake City area.  BRINE works to provide opportunities for choreographers, dancers, and designers to create an event that holds varying artistic visions in one concert.  Performers in the concert hail from all along the Wasatch Front with cast members from Orem to Ogden.


This concert is presented by RDT’s LINK Series, an outreach program offering independent choreographers the opportunity to present their work in performance. RDT provides infrastructure and advisory support for production and marketing while allowing the choreographer to retain artistic autonomy.  

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